Ridding Negativity with White Sage

Traditionally white sage smudging is the process of burning dried white sage often wrapped together in twine. This has been practised by indigenous cultures for thousands of years.

The smoke has a direct effect on reducing our stress response and has also been proven to contain antibacterial properties which keep infectious bacteria and viruses at bay. Since smudging is an ancient and ceremonial practice, it’s best to do so with awareness and in a mindful manner.

The burning of white sage is not practical in many circumstances for example in an environment where a person is allergic to smoke or has a respiratory illness, in an office or very confined environment, where furnishings or objects can be damaged by smoke.

Where the burning of white sage cannot be performed it is perfectly acceptable to use a white sage room spray. Sprayed high in the room the mist particles will permeate the environment to negate negative energies.

Like so many other ancient practices the concept of smudging has in many ways been veiled as an occult practice without the acknowledgement it’s real potential benefits. Medical Researchers have now risen to the task of testing the truth behind practices like smudging- and the results support that ancient cultures may have legitimate uses for smudging.

A study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology writes that the particles from white sage whether burning it or using a mist spray ‘Demonstrated to completely eliminate diverse plant and human pathogenic bacteria of the air within confined space’.

This makes the use of a white sage room spray a great option in environments where people are ill or elderly.

Top Advantages of using White Sage
1. Purify the air
2. It is anti-bacterial
3. Can assist with breathing and sleep
4. Reduces stress
5. Removes negative energy

When to Smudge with White Sage
1. When you move into a new environment such as a home or office
2. Before and after guests have been in your home
3. In any place you feel is sacred
4. When you feel negative or uncomfortable feelings are overwhelming you

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