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How to Reduce Jet Lag

Traveling long distances, particularly over the date line often causes jet lag. Jet lag is when the sleep-wake patterns are disturbed and this can also cause physical stress. Combine this with changes in air pressure due to flying you may just feel completed exhausted. Symptoms of jet lag include, drowsiness, a feeling of lethargy, irritable, disorientated.

There are a number of easy ways to minimise jet lag and decrease any travel stress:

  • Spend as much time as possible traveling with your eyes closed. You may not sleep but this forces you to relax. Meditation or audios that assist in relaxation are a great option. 
  • Avoid alcohol, soft drinks and fruit juices during the flight
  • If you can try not to eat the food provided and take a snack with you that is protein rich
  • Drink water
  • Re-set the sleep-wake pattern, stand facing the sun (make sure your eyes are protected and you are sunburn protected) for 10-15 minutes so that you get a healthy dose of sunlight. This simply resets your night time melatonin and makes sure it’s not activated to make you sleepy during the day.
  • Take melatonin tablets for an added boost in resetting your body clock
  • Use a good quality magnesium spray before you start your journey and when you arrive at your destination.  Bewitched Angel Jet Lag Magnesium Spray allows the effects of the magnesium to flow into your blood stream fast with the added benefit of essential oils.

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