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7 Surprising Crochet Health Benefits

crochet in action

Learning how to crochet can do more than you think for your mental health and happiness

By: Julia Wiatr, Editor,
Arts and crafts are more than just a fun pastime, they’re truly healing and restorative and are actually very therapeutic. In fact, the healing benefits of crocheting (and knitting) are numerous and range from simply calming you down and easing your stress to potentially relieving depression and reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.Crochet example

Crocheting doesn’t just help you if you’re the one who’s sick – it helps the caregivers around you, your friends and family that help you, love you and support you. It’s also a very good craft to pick up as a hobby for group therapy sessions, as you’re healing together in a group without having the focus completely on you. There are so many benefits of crocheting, so whether you’re stressed out and can’t sleep or are doing your part to help slow down Alzheimer’s, you’ll be doing yourself and your health a favor.

1. Crocheting reduces stress and anxiety

When you’re feeling stressed or anxious in your daily life, take some time for yourself, pick up some yarn and your hook (or your needles), and spend some time being creative. By crocheting and allowing yourself to be creative, you’re taking your mind off of whatever’s been nagging you. By focusing on the repetitive motions of individual stitches and counting rows, your mind is able to be more relaxed and free from anxious ideas and thoughts.

2. Crocheting helps with insomnia

By focusing on something that’s easy, repetitive and soothing, like crochet projects, you can calm down your mind and body enough to let you fall asleep. So the next time you’re tossing and turning in the middle of the night, don’t get frustrated, just pick up a work in progress!

3. Crocheting helps ease or relieve depression

When you do something we like, our brains release dopamine, a chemical that affects our emotions and functions like a natural anti-depressant. Scientists now believe that crafts, such as crocheting, can help stimulate that dopamine release to allow us to feel happier and better about ourselves.

4. Crocheting reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s by 30-50%.

Crocheting can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s by 30-50%. By engaging in cognitive exercises and stimulating your mind, you can slow down or even prevent memory loss. Whether you plan on challenging your memory by learning a new stitch or technique or simply by reading and working up a pattern, by getting a little crafty, you’ll be helping preserve your memories.

5. Crochet builds your self-esteem.

We all want to feel productive and useful, and by working up a project to give as a gift or sell at a craft fair, we can do just that. Though we don’t craft just for the compliments, a little bit of external validation by someone buying your finished item or your gift recipient wearing that crochet hat you made all winter long can truly give us the self-esteem boosts we need.

6. Crocheting acts as a form of group therapy.

For those who seek therapy benefits in group settings, crocheting can be supremely beneficial. By placing the focus off of the patient and only the crochet project itself, it provides all of the previously mentioned health benefits of crocheting plus a sense of community and togetherness. By working in a craft, those in a group can immediately have some way of relating to the other group members, and it may help function as an ice breaker for more seriously conversations. Even if you aren’t actively seeking therapy, you can benefit from the sense of community that crocheting can bring.

7. Crocheting puts you in control.

Whether you feel helpless as a caregiver watching someone struggle or you’re the one struggling with your own illness or problems, crocheting is a way to put the control back into your own hands – literally. By choosing to craft, you are in full control of everything, from the type of project you’ll be making, the color and type or yarn and even the type of crochet hooks to work with, and that makes a difference in feeling like you have a say again.

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Craft Junkie

Do you see an item and think “I can make that”?

Do you go into a store and see loads of pretty crafty items and tools and feel you need to have them? (This is also why I try not to go to too many craft shows).

If you are like me you are addicted to creating things so much so you will have loads of goodies just bursting out everywhere. My spare room wardrobe  is bursting with goodies waiting to be used.The Ultimate Makers Package - Only $120 at! For only $120, get a year’s subscription to Craftsy Unlimited, an exclusive coupon to spend on your favorite supplies, plus all the perks you could want (hint: free shipping on our orders!).

I have found that Bluprint (formally Craftsy) is a massive help in learning new things. Better still I have discovered you can get unlimited access to all their classes online. Now I am really bursting out of my skin with excitment. So much so I almost forgot to go to bed last night.

Anybody have that problem where they are so absorbed by their latest graft journey that everything else goes on hold including sleep?

Now I really have to share this with you. An amazing offer that I just did not want to keep to myself:

Happy crafting.

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Funky Needlepoint Kits by Jennifer Pudney

If you are into crafts then the Jennifer Pudney range of postcard size needlepoint kits are perfect.

Unlike larger needlepoints that can take months to finish the small size of these really funky designs will make each design fast to finish.

What I love is they are fresh and fun. I have always shied away from needlepoint as the designs have been so drab, old fashioned and chocolate box. Because these are so much fun to do I am suddenly finding needlepoint incredibly relaxing.

Currently I am completing the one called Catnap. I plan to embed it into a cushion. When it is done I promise to post the photo for you.

The Jennifer Pudney range is fresh, bright and fun. Because of this and the demand and interest I have received I am proud to say I am now supplying these needlepoint kits in Australia. I am currently the only supplier of these unique needlepoint kits.

Click here to see the range of Jennifer Pudney needlepoint kits.