Why Crocheting is Better than Knitting

There will always be the argument of whether crocheting is better than knitting or if knitting is better than crocheting. Personally, I love both but there are reasons why I do lean more toward crocheting. So for those who disagree with me, that is fine because it is about the creative journey and this post is simply a subjective one.

Here are my reasons why crocheting is better than knitting:

  • This is obvious, crocheting is faster than knitting. The stitches tend to be bigger so you can grow your project faster. Many garment patterns can be completed in a week or even a weekend. Compared to knitting that is super fast.
  • Crocheting in super portable. You only have one small hook, a ball of wool and off you go. Nice and compact to take on your trips.
  • If you are new to crocheting or wanting to learn new stitches it has to one of the simplest of the two to learn. There is a smorgasbord of videos and courses available.
  • Crocheting is very easy and theraputic. It has been known to calm the mind and lower stress levels all the while being creative.
  • You only need one hand as you only use one hook.
  • Less movement of your hand and is good for people with hand mobility issues or arthritis.
  • There are loads of great patterns available for clothes and accessories.

If you are new to crochet I would recommend this course: Learn to Crochet in a Week

There are plenty of tutorials showing you step by step how to create beautiful clothes, accessories, gifts and more, just click here

If you prefer to use a book there is a great range of crochet books available to purchase, just click here.

And finally you need the tool to start your crochet adventure, check out these lovely crochet hook options here.

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