Beat the Motivation Slump

Whether it be at home or work we all get a slump in our motivation. A lack of motivation can increase anxiety, stress and worry and in turn diminish mental clarity.

A lack of motivation can be caused by many things but some primary things are:

  • lack of water
  • poor sleep
  • boredom
  • brain fog

While these causes by and large can be remedied relatively easily sometimes we need a little more of an immediate helping hand. There are a number of short-term things that may help.

Do 10 minutes of exercise, that could be a walk, a little yoga or just pulling weeds from the garden. The shift in the brain can be enough to refresh you to complete a task.

10 minutes of mindfulness or meditation. Quietening the mind is proven to provide a fresh outlook and help boost motivation levels.

Use essential oils. The aroma of essential oils can assist in refreshing the mind and giving us a little lift to push through that task we need to finish. These can be used in a variety of ways the best being inhaling the aroma via a vaporiser.

Bewitched Angel has created a very portable way of getting a mental boost to push through tasks when motivation is lacking. It is a proprietary blend of oils that is discreet and can be taken everywhere.

It is called Motivation Rescue. The beautiful aroma inhaled prior to a quiet time of mindfulness has proven to assist in pushing over the barrier of lack of motivation in the short term.

Often we find when our motivation is lacking and our stress and anxiety levels rise in tandem our health suffers. Combine one of the remedies above with Motivation Rescue and leave all that unnecessary stress behind. It will also allow you to tackle the root cause of your poor motivation.

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