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    Why Crocheting is Better than Knitting

    There will always be the argument of whether crocheting is better than knitting or if knitting is better than crocheting. Personally, I love both but there are reasons why I do lean more toward crocheting. So for those who disagree with me, that is fine because it is about the creative journey and this post is simply a subjective one. Here are my reasons why crocheting is better than knitting: If you are new to crochet I would recommend this course: Learn to Crochet in a Week There are plenty of tutorials showing you step by step how to create beautiful clothes, accessories, gifts and more, just click here If…

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    7 Surprising Crochet Health Benefits

    Learning how to crochet can do more than you think for your mental health and happiness By: Julia Wiatr, Editor, AllFreeCrochet.com Arts and crafts are more than just a fun pastime, they’re truly healing and restorative and are actually very therapeutic. In fact, the healing benefits of crocheting (and knitting) are numerous and range from simply calming you down and easing your stress to potentially relieving depression and reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Crocheting doesn’t just help you if you’re the one who’s sick – it helps the caregivers around you, your friends and family that help you, love you and support you. It’s also a very good craft to…