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    Essential Oils and Anger

    Anger is a natural emotion, something we have all experienced at some time in our lives. Just because it is a natural thing, does not mean that we should simply say there's nothing we can do about it. Countless people make changes in their lives every day that affect a natural function. We are not slaves to our appetites, our emotions, or our bodies. We all have the ability to make choices. I realize that some people have hormonal disorders that make it impossible to make a choice at times, but we can address the challenge, address the disorder in the body, and choose to make changes that will, ultimately,…

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    Lose Weight, Curb Your Appetite

    For thousands of years, people have touted the healing abilities of essential oils for everything from minor aches to major depression. Although research on the efficacy of these oils is often limited, there’s evidence to suggest that certain oils do have medicinal properties. Essential oils are distilled and pressed from plants and left in their purest, rawest form. Because of this, they’re often seen as a natural alternative to traditional medications. If you’re trying to lose extra pounds, you may want to consider adding essential oils to your weight loss plan. Essential oils may be able to provide you with a number of complementary benefits. Using Essential Oils Although essential…