Angel Kate Testimonials

The following are some of the testimonials Angel Kate has received from live readings on Bitwine.

08 Jun 2015 diana.e.w,  Thank you & your angels!

06 Jun 2015 tammers, Very very good. Kind, compassionate and picked up on the situation fast

25 May 2015 lalatte, Very helpful and gave me insight..

16 May 2015 latina2envy, Good reading.

8 May 2015  jacqniuhuru, Last prediction came true. Kate is very helpful in trying to see as much and honest if she cant see.

23 Apr 2015 laurelle, Thanks. Hope you are right

16 Apr 2015 tattooedheart,  she was amazing she picked up real fast and. She disected my situation

31 Mar 2015 modelcoach, blessed by her accurate reading

31 Mar 2015 vannessa, The reading brought up something that another reading I did a long time ago mentioned so perhaps it could be what I am supposed to be doing

09 Oct 2013 kaz_82, it was nice to be told what the problem and how to go about creating the change. Thank you. I will work on it.

04 Aug 2013 leannefisher123, Wonderful feeling i feel a light at the end of the tunnel a way to move forward. thankyou thankyou

4 Mar 2013 anna30585, really good! 🙂

09 Jul 2012 antivirgo, I got some lovely messages from the angels 🙂 I appreciate your assistance, Kate, and will work on opening up. Thanks again!

02 Jul 2012 parathy, Very enjoyable reading, I got a lot of out of it and feel very relieved and reassured. I will come back again soon to update.

21 Jun 2012 kylee, I was able to finish and Kate is a wonderful person. Very encouraging and honest. I would recommend her for sure and will be back. Thank you so much!!!

21 Jun 2012 kylee, urg! bitwine cut us off but she is excellent, a kind honest soul. She really wants to help you. I will try to reconnect.

03 Jun 2012 kimberly11a, great reading very accurate!! Thanks a lot!! try her you will not be sorry!

27 May 2012 dor, Very gifted reader…May be new to bitwine but is very accurate in her reading…Pls try.