Weight Loss Assist Essential Oil Inhaler – Assist Weight Loss, Curb Appetite


Curb your appetite, speed up your metabolism, kill those pesky cravings with an all natural essential oil weight loss inhaler.

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Weight Loss Assist
Essential Oil Inhaler

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A synergistic blend of pure aromatherapy essential oils to assist with:

  • food cravings
  • curb appetite
  • speed up metabolism
  • uplifting of mood (often associated with over-eating)

Aromatherapy is the art of using essential oils to balance and harmonize the body and mind, helps to stimulate certain areas of the brain which can have a huge positive impact on your physical and mental state. The receptors in the human nose can perceive over a trillion different smells and can actually communicate with the hippocampus and amygdala in the brain, the key areas in the brain responsible for storing emotions and memories. When essential oil molecules are inhaled, research shows that these areas are stimulated which in turn influences our physical, mental and emotional states directly.

Discrete enough to use anywhere anytime.

Free untracked shipping. How to use: Inhale whenever cravings strike or 30 minutes before meals.

Do not take orally

Made in Australia
Made to order.

Always contact your medical practitioner if uncertain of your health condition.


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