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Craft Junkie

Do you see an item and think “I can make that”?

Do you go into a store and see loads of pretty crafty items and tools and feel you need to have them? (This is also why I try not to go to too many craft shows).

If you are like me you are addicted to creating things so much so you will have loads of goodies just bursting out everywhere. My spare room wardrobe  is bursting with goodies waiting to be used.The Ultimate Makers Package - Only $120 at! For only $120, get a year’s subscription to Craftsy Unlimited, an exclusive coupon to spend on your favorite supplies, plus all the perks you could want (hint: free shipping on our orders!).

I have found that Bluprint (formally Craftsy) is a massive help in learning new things. Better still I have discovered you can get unlimited access to all their classes online. Now I am really bursting out of my skin with excitment. So much so I almost forgot to go to bed last night.

Anybody have that problem where they are so absorbed by their latest graft journey that everything else goes on hold including sleep?

Now I really have to share this with you. An amazing offer that I just did not want to keep to myself:

Happy crafting.